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Curriculum vitae

Ludwig Czibere, Dipl.-Biol.
DOB: 13/05/1979
POB: Budapest, Hungary
Address: Paul-Ehrlich-Weg 26, 80999 Munich, Germany
Ph: +49 179 2951897

Educational Qualifications:

SINCE 2005:

Ph.D. student at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany, Department of Behavioural Neuroendocrinology Thesis topic: Genetic correlates of anxiety-related behaviour
1999-2005 Ludwig-Maximilians-University / Munich, Germany / Biology for diploma Diploma thesis: Anxiety-related behaviour and genetic predispostion: Gene expression profilng of bidirectionally bred animals Since 2001: main studies primary subject neurobiology, secondary subjects: human biology, genetics, pharmacology and toxicology
1989-1998 High School Louise-Schroeder-Gymnasium, Munich, Germany
1986-1989 Primary School at the Pfarrer-Grimm-Strasse, Munich, Germany
1985-1986 Primary School No 3, Dunakeszi, Hungary

Trainings / Licenses:
  Drivers License for vehicles up to 7,5t
Within my studies: Basic scientific methods in Microbiology
  Genetics and molecular biology

Employment History:
Since 2005 Ph.D. student at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry, Munich, Germany, Department of Behavioural Neuroendocrinology Thesis topic: Genetic correlates of anxiety-related behaviour
2001-2005 Assistant in a bacteriological Laboratory, Labor Dr. Becker, Dr. -Olgemöller, Munich, Germany Tasks: different resistance and differentiation tests for microorganisms, prepare samples for these tests
2003 Assistant at QIMR - Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Herston, Queensland, Australia Genetic Epidemiology Project: Evaluation of Y chromosome markers for the detection of sample mix ups and blood chimerism in twins Tasks: Blood sample processing (DNA Isolation), PCR, RFLP, PAGE, experimental setups and protocols
2000 Assistant at GSF Research Centre for Environment and Health, Neuherberg, Munich Expositional Chambers (EPOKA) Tasks: Collect results from different studies, processing of collected material, evaluation of meteorological data
1998-1999 Substitutional Service for the compulsory military service at Zentrale Diakoniestation Schwabing-Maxvorstadt, Munich, Germany

Language skills:
- English – fluent
- French – satisfactory
- German as native language
- Hungarian as native language

Special biological interests:

- Neurosciences
- Genetics and molecular biology'
- Human biology
- Animal behaviour

Other activities:

SINCE 2006
PhD student's representitive in the Max Planck Society PhD-Net


Elected member of the studental representation of the department for biology at the Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich
Tasks: represent students in the board of examiners and the committee for biochemistry, providing general information to other students

Publication list:

Landgraf R, Keßler MS, Bunck M, Murgatroyd C, Spengler D, Zimbelmann M, Nußbaumer M, Czibere L, Turck CW, Singewald N, Rujescu D, Frank E. (2006): Candidate genes of anxiety-related behavior in HAB/LAB rats and mice: Focus on vasopressin and glyoxalase-I. Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2006 Aug 24; [Epub ahead of print]

Krömer SA, Keßler MS, Milfay D, Birg IN, Bunck M, Czibere L, Panhuysen M, Pütz B, Deussing JM, Holsboer F, Landgraf R, Turck CW. (2005): Identification of glyoxalase-I as a protein marker in a mouse model of extremes in trait anxiety. J Neurosci. 27;25(17): 4375-84.

Citeable abstracts:

Czibere L, Bunck M, Frank E, Keßler MS, Kohli MA, Bettecken T and Landgraf R. (2007): Towards a genetic dissection of anxiety. Budapest Meeting Abstracts. Cell Stress Chaperones online 12: 7A_05_S, 436.
Czibere L, Weber P, Pütz B, Panhuysen M, Keßler MS, Kühne C, Deussing JM, Landgraf R. (2006): Expressing emotion: genetic correlates of anxiety-related behaviour in mice. Hormones; (5) Suppl 1: 85.
Frank E, Keßler MS, Bunck M, Czibere L, Touma C, Landgraf R. (2006): Freely segregating genes – a link to anxiety and depression. Hormones; (5) Suppl 1: 84.
Czibere L, Kessler MS, Birg I, Panhuysen M, Putz B, Deussing JM, Turck CW, Landgraf R. (2005): Glyoxalase I: Implications for an enzyme involved in trait anxiety. Pharmacopsychiatry; 38(5): 235.

Last updated: 27/08/2007